The Cheating That Is Going On Right Before Our Eyes!

There are sevreal kinds of corruptions and people are being cheated. In name of war, government officials trade weapons and stuff, and they loot money fromthe country which is theft against the country and it is called treason against state. People are being cheated after war, in name of development. Several millions are put as investments, in which not even half of the money is put in to the project. In countries like India, corruption is publically criticized and writer or journalits are free to write about these things. That might be considered as reason for considered counties like India as worst and corrupted! But, they are ready to talk about existing social evils in the society.

For example, most of u are using Windows and havung regular updates.They normal take forever, therefore most of the people just prefer not update. Sometimes while updating these updates, your laptop will get struck and it would be a disaster and people who have no idea about these managed IT services where those people make nice money. Due to the inability of a person or illiteracy or even due to the time and need for electronics, people would immediately give money to the person and tell them to prepare whatever they need. People readily accept whatever those people tell since we will never be able to figure out what it means.

But, is it okay to loot someone under pretext? No it is certainly not!! Probably, these areas are good to enter for career because they n also work in information technology department of an organization or multinational corporation. But, apart from this, there are several problems in working in these kinds of jobs because it would affect the person’s health adversely, since they should spend their whole day in front of computers. Most of the youngsters are fighting obesity right from their youth’s instead of later in life. This can be due to eating but it is more supported by the lifestyles. People are not eating healthy or having a healthy life style. It is not just affecting them, it is affecting their kids and the obesity cycle goes on.

It should be taken by the company that they should better quality services and employ a customer service where people are helped through calls and personally for free for first two years and they can charge the people. People should be educated and get hold of the working of these things. The companies should make use of these online tutorials to help their clients.